PVC-u Dry Verge

Dry Verge Repair & replacement Roofing Services in Liverpool, UK

PVC-u Dry Verge Specialist– A mechanically fixed dry verge roofing system is suitable for many types of roof, including large standard, medium format, large format thin leading edge and can be used up to 55° roof pitch providing a durable weather-tight finish that looks fantastic and gives you the confidence of knowing it is watertight. These dry verges will save you maintenance costs and time and add value to your home if selling.

Fix the Edge of your Roof Tiles with Dry Verge and protect your home from Pests and water ingress. We provide you with a team of Skilled persons who will fix the Dry Verge at your roof. Our PVC-u Dry Verge helps you in providing a flexible weather-tight finish for your Home. Contact us to save your maintenance costs, time and add value to your home by deploying these dry verges at your place.

If you are fed up with wet verges on your gable roof then dry verges from we are the great replacement for mortar. In conventional techniques, mortar is used to protect our home from pests and water ingress from the roof. But as we know mortar quality degrades with time and due to external weather conditions so we need to look for the alternative. Dry verge is the best choice as it is effective and durable as well. This new system can be implemented on new as well as old buildings and in both cases, the owner receives excellent results. We offer a wide range of styles and colours for Dry verges. Our experts also provide quick and optimum installations of stylish Dry verges at your place.

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