PVC-u Fascia boards is an environment-friendly roofing system product it can be easily found in verities of colors such as black, white, gray. Most of the people love to choose white fascia boards which would you love.

Types of Fascia Boards:

  • Capping fascia boards: Capping boards is an optimal fitting extant timber it probably usable if it already has fascia system. Having a fascia easily installed without harming your roof. After the installation gives outstanding looks to your home and its very Economical.
  • Ogee fascia boards: It can be applied if your roofing system is in usual conditions either it can also existing to use to cover fascias.
  • Square fascia boards: It is generally a chunk of smallest four different types of squares. It’s very accessible to fit does not need buying too many bargeboards.
  • Round fascia boards: Aspect of round fascia boards commonly does not need of a backing boards can be installed on the foot of your roofers.


5 Ultimate Facts about PVC-u Fascia Boards:

  1. Raises the outlook of your home.
  2. Gives the support the lower edge bottom row of tiles.
  3. PVC-c is good for the environment it completely recycled before the use.
  4. Increase the value of the home if selling.
  5. Easy to maintain.


Fascia Boards Replacement and repairing:

Installing a fascia, not an easy task you required experienced fascia fitters for this who can fix them completely. Fixing and installations might be done wrong sometimes else chances of damaging than having the option of repair and replacement, Here you getting the fascia boards installation, replacement and repairing services at genuine price.


Doesn’t Know How to choose Best Fascia Boards for House read here?

It becomes a challenge to achieve right balance roofing systems which completely match with your niche. You can call us we have fitted fascia boards that can easily match all kinds of roofs. We are manufacturing all types of fascia boards that can be easily matched to your roof. 


Why Choose Nk Roofline:

  • 100% services guarantee and customers satisfaction.
  • Maintenance free and many More
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