PVC-u Soffits

Soffits installation & replacement services in Manchester, UK.

NK Roofline (NW) Ltd provide a range of stylish PVC-u soffits that will enhance your home. They are supplied in a variety of colours and styles are quick to replace and fit being compatible with Freefoam fascia board systems. Hollow soffit board is a lightweight, cost-effective soffit solution, which can also be fitted with our highly effective ventilators. We offer Soffits Specialist in Liverpo0l, Wigan, Manchester, Bolton an Rochdale Area.

Get fill the Gap between the Home’s Siding and Roofline by the Stylish PVC-u SoffitsThese Soffits just not help you maintain the proper ventilation system at your place but also make you free from worry of maintaining traditional Timber soffits. We offer you different colour and style soffits to enhance the look your Home. So Hurry Up and Contact us for making your place more attractive and increasing its Lifespan.

We are specialist in Soffits installation & replacement services in Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton and Rochdale area. Soffits are exactly placed between fascias and the external wall of the building. PVC-u soffits come with a wide range of colours so that they can fit as per the style of your place. The roofline is the smart choice to replace and new installation of soffits to make your place decorative and also to provide the practical finishing touch. If you choose PVC-u soffits for your place then you will invite style, decor and practicality for your property:

  • Attractive style
    Stylish soffits with a wide range of colours can provide a versatile and sleek lining that suits your building designs and materials.
  • Low Maintenance
    Our Soffits can withstand adverse environmental conditions. You will need not to pay extra money for its maintenance. PVC-u soffits let you enjoy the decor of your house for a long time.
  • Packed with Guarantee
    We assure you that our soffits can spend long duration and backed by a 25-year guarantee.
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